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Spray Foam Insulation Explained

Insulation Panama City is a great way to keep heat, cold and moisture out while reducing energy costs. But many homeowners are confused about what it’s made of and how it works. We get this question a lot here at South Central Services, and we’re here to help! Spray foam insulation is actually a type of plastic known as polyurethane. It’s created by mixing two liquid chemicals that undergo a chemical reaction, creating a foam that is both durable and insulating. The two chemicals are commonly referred to as the A-Side and the B-Side. The A-Side is a isocyanate and the B-Side is a polyol blend.

Why Choose Insulation Panama City for Spray Foam Insulation

As a result of its high-density, spray foam insulation is an excellent insulator. It keeps out both hot and cold temperatures, as well as moisture and allergens. It also seals air leaks, creating a custom-made airtight envelope within the home’s structure. This significantly reduces energy consumption and improves indoor comfort.

In addition to sealing air leaks, spray foam insulation is a good insulator in basement rim joist, crawl spaces, overhangs (or cantilevers), knee walls and bonus rooms. It can be installed in new construction or retrofit projects.

It is important to hire an experienced professional to install your spray foam insulation. This will ensure that it is applied properly and correctly. Additionally, a professional will be able to complete the job more quickly and neatly than an average homeowner. Professionals also have access to the proper protective equipment for working with this volatile material.

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