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Rainbow Belts Strain Delights the Senses

rainbow belts strain

A tantalizingly rainbow belts strain that delights the senses, rainbow belts is a vibrant hybrid that captures the fizzy candy essence suggested by its name. This balanced cultivar bred by Archive Seed Bank combines Zkittlez with Moonbow #75 to produce a fragrant bouquet of tropical tree fruit, zesty lemon-lime, and flowery diesel aromas.

This aromatic symphony of flavors culminates in a high that is both soothing and uplifting. Often accompanied by giggly joviality, rainbow belts strain induces social ease and an uplifted mood that can counteract stress or depression. A relaxing tingle may also be felt throughout the body, soothing muscle tension and relieving minor pains and headaches.

“Sweet Sensations: Exploring the Flavor Profile and Effects of Cookies and Cream Strain

Vibrant forest green hues are accented with shades of purple and bright orange hairs on a fluffy, compact bud that glistens with a coating of clear amber trichomes. The aroma is a complex blend of sour citrus, fuel, and florals, while the flavor profile is a mouthwatering concoction of sweet lemon-lime, tropical tree fruit, and flowers.

Rainbow belts’ balanced effects have made it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients as well. Its calming, euphoric sensations can help ease anxiety and stress while its sleepiness may assist those struggling with insomnia. Its sedative qualities can also soothe chronic pain and migraines, and its therapeutic terpene content is often lauded by verified purchasers as an effective antidepressant. Those looking to cultivate this versatile strain can find Rainbow Belts seeds and clones at a variety of dispensaries including A Cut Above, Ajoya, Aurora Cannabis, Cherry Peak, Colorado Harvest Company, Den-Rec, Emerald Fields, Green Valley Cannabis, Good Chemistry, LaConte’s Clone Bar, KrystaLeaves, Lakeshore Cannabis, LeafLink, Life Flower, Leiffa, the Herbal Center, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Red Cedar Wellness, Ruby Mountain High, and the Herbal Cure.

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