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Quality Teacher Emergency Kits

Quality Teacher Emergency Kits

Whether a teacher is at home, at work or somewhere in between, having the right survival supplies can make all the difference. Whether it’s vomit, a child’s runny nose, a sudden rainstorm or an unexpected school evacuation, teachers need to be prepared for anything that comes their way.Find out more

That’s why our comprehensive classroom teacher emergency kits are a perfect gift for any teacher in your life! They’re a great way to show your appreciation and give the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Classroom Safety First: Choosing the Right Teacher Emergency Kit

When the time comes to evacuate and lockdown a classroom, it takes leadership and direction to keep students safe. A teacher’s classroom emergency kit provides them with the resources and tools they need to be proactive in a crisis situation by allowing them to coordinate students, staff and faculty and communicate effectively in an unforeseen situation.

Our deluxe classroom evacuation kits come in various packaging options including a teacher emergency kit backpack, classroom lockdown kit and 1 day student survival kit, as well as different contents such as a 22 piece trauma pack with tourniquet, whistle, 12-hour light stick and door “barracuda” that locks down swinging doors within seconds. We also offer a custom imprint option on all school emergency kits to help you promote your school or organization. Add one to your cart today!

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