Aside Project Tech IPQS Fraud Intelligence

IPQS Fraud Intelligence

Protect your business from fraudsters stealing revenue and user data with leading bot detection. Block fake devices, emulators, and spoofing software to prevent scraping, fraudulent payments, and account takeover. Check this

IPQS fraud intelligence provides the best risk analysis for users, IP addresses, and payment details using multiple data points to score how likely an individual is to engage in fraud or bad behavior online. With real-time fraud scores, IPQS identifies sophisticated bad actors and high-risk behavior worldwide.

Fraudsters are responsible for billions lost per year in advertising click fraud, phishing, fake app downloads, mobile carrier billing, credit card fraud and more. Protect your business from these threats with industry-leading bot detection, device fingerprinting, and IP reputation scoring.

Navigating the Threat Landscape: Understanding the Power of IPQS Fraud Intelligence

Detect fraudsters with the world’s leading IP reputation scoring based on 12+ years of data synergy. Score everything about a user or payment including IP, email, phone, address, and more. Deploy with a JavaScript tag, or API, or upload CSVs for comprehensive protection.

Use our easy to understand risk scores to decide whether or not to flag a click, transaction or registration as high risk. Scores 85+ are considered to be high risk and indicate that the individual is most likely engaged in fraudulent activities.

Add additional rules to your account’s transaction scoring settings to customize the rules that will apply to your business. For example, you can define the risk level for residential proxies and other known bad connections using our API by adding the “bot_status” and “connection_type” data points to your criteria.

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