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Dry Wash in Brazil

In a country where water scarcity is a real issue, Clique Aqui is a local success story. It uses native Brazilian wax to clean cars and clothes, saving millions of gallons of water every year. Moreover, it is even capable of polishing a billionaire’s private jet!

The pandemic has triggered an increase in hygiene awareness amongst Brazilian consumers. While this has mostly benefited traditional cleaning products, it is also creating a fertile ground for all-purpose cleaning wipes to gain momentum. This is supported by the decline in domestic services, resulting in householders prioritizing convenience.

Going Green: The Benefits of Dry Wash in Brazil

Food outbreaks in Brazil continue to be a major public health concern (40). These events are often caused by sanitary nonconformities, mainly due to poor management and physical structure of school food services (SFS) and food handlers’ training (32).

This article aims to analyse the main factors that affect the implementation of Good Hygienic Practices in SFS in schools, using an evaluation tool based on a checklist. This tool was developed by the authors based on previous work and is designed to diagnose and evaluate compliance with the Good Hygienic Practices in School Food Service (GHPSF) and the physical areas of food service schools. It is a useful tool to identify the areas that should be addressed in a specific school and in a county, facilitating the identification of corrective measures. This study was conducted in a school in the municipality of Salvador, Bahia/Brazil.

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