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Hot Wire CNC Foam CutterHot Wire CNC Foam Cutter

hot wire cnc foam cutter

A hot wire cnc foam cutter is a computer controlled machine that cuts 3D shapes out of expanded (EPS) and extruded polystyrene foams – also known as pink, blue or XPS foam. It is used for a wide range of applications including 3D logos, raphics, signboards, indoor and outdoor advertisement decorations, large scale architectural models and thematic props. It is particularly useful for fair stalls, store props & displays, film and theatre decoration work owing to its high speed cutting accuracy and low cost.Find out more

Unlike other common products modelers use such as aerosol sprays, paint thinners and volatile adhesives, melting EPS foam releases mainly water vapor and carbon dioxide – natural by-products of your exhaled breath. This makes cutting with a good, even cheap hot wire knife much less harmful than sanding or using mechanical cutting methods.

Foam Sculpture Unleashed: Hot Wire CNC Techniques for Artists

Obviously, there are still health concerns when working with EPS foam, especially in small spaces where the dust particles can circulate and possibly pose a carcinogenic risk to your lungs. It is recommended to wear a mask and work in a well-ventilated area. Similarly, there are some types of PU foam which give off toxic fumes when cut with heat and it is best to avoid them, or at least to be sure that they can be safely cut without emitting any dangerous fumes. Wintech hot wire CNC machines are designed to be as safe as possible for users. The machine electrically charges the cutting wire to vaporize the foam and the system also beeps periodically to remind the operator that the wire is hot.