Day: March 9, 2024

Screed FibreScreed Fibre

Screed fibre is an additive that can be added to a screed mix to enhance its strength. The fibres are usually polypropylene or steel and are evenly distributed throughout the mix. This makes the screed stronger and more crack resistant. It is often used for high load applications, such as floors in offices or industrial premises.

When laying a heating system with underfloor heating, a screed fibre is often used to prevent deformation and shrinkage during drying. This is especially important in cold areas, where the heating system can be subjected to low temperatures. The addition of screed fibre also increases the frost resistance and can make it possible to lay a concrete layer 20-30 mm thick, which saves materials and optimizes installation time.

Optimizing Flooring with Fibre-Reinforced Screed Solutions

Metal reinforcement is normally used for these purposes, but has several disadvantages: the metal is expensive and is vulnerable to corrosion; it also breaks the solution hoses of the mixer and causes damage to agitators; and it interferes with electrical conductivity in the warm floor circuit, which leads to short circuits. Therefore, a synthetic fibre has been developed which is much easier to use and does not require any metal reinforcement.

FCS Vertex Screed fibre is a fine fibrillated micro polypropylene fibre that has been specially designed for efficient mixing into semi-dry and dry sand/cement mixes as well as aggregate concrete. The fibres are added during mixing and the mixture is stirred for about 5 minutes.