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What Is a Fire Shutter?

A fire shutter may look like a standard roller shutter to the untrained eye but they are specially designed to ensure safety. Their main purpose is to compartmentalize buildings during a fire, stopping it from spreading further and giving everyone inside the chance to escape. This also allows emergency services to get to work as quickly as possible and reduces the damage caused by the fire whilst waiting for help.

Fire shutters can be activated either by wired into the building’s fire alarm system or fitted with their own heat or smoke detection systems. They’re usually located above storeroom entrances and separating loading bays but can be found throughout a business.

The Importance of Fire Shutters: Protecting Property and Lives

When a fire is detected, the curtain is automatically dropped down and seals off the passageway, keeping both fire and smoke contained within the area. Depending on the fire shutter’s integrity rating, it can hold fire for up to half an hour or more, protecting anything within it from harm.

The fire shutters are built from high-quality, durable materials and undergo rigorous safety checks to ensure that they will function as intended during a fire. They can be powered by electricity or, as an option, they can be made to fall using gravity if the power fails. You must choose a product that has been independently tested by a recognised testing body to guarantee that it will be compliant with the relevant fire standards.

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