Bushwick Dispensary

Bushwick Dispensary

With its vibrant street art, eclectic music scene, and innovative community events, Bushwick is the perfect place to enjoy cannabis in style. Whether you prefer to get elevated with a relaxing smoke sesh or are looking for a new way to experience your favorite strain, the local spots on this list offer a wide range of cannabis experiences to suit any taste.


Last week, the owners of a new Brooklyn cannabis dispensary sparked a storm of controversy when they painted over a mural of The Notorious B.I.G. as a toddler on orders from state regulators. The owners of Emerald Dispensary at 85 Suydam St. told The Post that they had loved the iconic tribute painting by Huetek, which adorned their building for three years, but were warned that it violated state Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) regulations that prohibit any “enticement” on store exteriors.

De Giovanni and co-owner Ray Roman said they made the heartbreaking decision to cover the mural with black anti-graffiti paint before their dispensary opened, but that they hope to work with OCM to change its restrictions so that they can resurrect Baby Biggie. They also plan to bring the artist back to paint a new mural of a young B.I.G. — only this time as an adult to avoid the problem of juxtaposing images of children with a cannabis shop.

Besides selling recreational marijuana, the Bushwick dispensary sells CBD products, such as topicals, tinctures, and edibles. Those interested in getting the most out of their experience should take advantage of the dispensary’s pre-rolls and vaporizers, as well as its self-service options, where customers order on tablets and pick up their purchases at the counter. If you’re in the mood to eat and drink, nearby wine bar Tootles & French or specialty grocer the Bier & Cheese Collective allow customers to use their receipts for a discount at the dispensary.

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